*Please note: We are following the CDC and NY State "Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People", we will no longer require facemasks/coverings for fully vaccinated individuals while in our retail store and track. This applies to our employees as well. We encourage non vaccinated individuals to continue to follow the CDC recommendations of wearing facemasks and practice social distancing.


We have scheduled track practice on wednesdays from 12pm to 630pm

Please watch Facebook and our track calendar for updates 


Track Calendar



 Track FAQ


(1) Which transponders work at Small Addictions Raceway?

A Chart of what transponders work at Small Addictions Raceway. ALL MRT TRANSPONDERS WILL WORK AT SARC! We sell MRT transponders here


(2) Do we rent transponders?

 We have transponders that you are able to rent here at the track if you do not have your own. Cost is $3.

(3) How should I mount a transponder to my vehicle?

Transponders will mount directly onto the users chassis, as well as plugged into a power source(Car's Receiver)

(4) How are the races organized and scored?

Races are organized and scored by a computer. So results are accurate down to the thousandth of a second.

(5) What software and hardware is used to manage the races?

The software we use to keep track of the scoring would be Livetime. Check them out at

(6) Are race results publicly available?

Yes! Live results, and up to the minute scoring all on

(7) What should I bring to the track on race day?

Your Race equipment, a great attitude, and be prepared to have lots of fun! Our pit area is complete with lighting, outlets and chairs at each pit station. We have bathroom facilities on site, complimentary coffee, and offer refreshments for sale in the hobby shop. There are also restaurants located in and around the plaza.

(8) How long is a race day and what is the schedule throughout the day?

A raceday can vary from 1.5 hours, to almost 10 plus hours at a track. All depending on turnout of the racers. A typical schedule on raceday would be 2 hours of open track time before the race starts, and again depending on turnout, a round can last usually and hour. We race 2 Rounds of heats, followed by a round of Mains. Plan on spending the entire day at the track. A typical race day on the clay oval starts with practice from 10am to 11145pm, with racing starting at 12pm, and can run until 6 or 8pm, depending on driver turnout.

(9) What tires work well for the oval track?

Proline Primes, JConcepts Octogons, Raw Speed Slicks all in Supersoft or clay compound

(10) What is the runline of the current clay track?

One hundred and thirty feet

(11) Is traction compound allowed?

Yes, but MUST be odorless!

(12) What tires seem to work best?

Proline Primes, Jconcepts Octogons, Raw Speed Slicks All In a desired compound of racers choice. 

(13) Can i follow along at home when not in attendance?

Yes, we exclusively use Livetime scoring, with LiveRC as the way to broadcast it over the internet. You can find our track page on LiveRC here:

(14) Where do I park?

Please park out front in the parking lot in front of the hobby shop. There is no parking allowed along side the building by the track or behind the building by the fence or loading dock. (With the exception of the two handicapped parking spots next to the track door) Other businesses in our plaza utilize the access road behind our building and parking in these restricted areas block the truck traffic.

(15) Do we allow children to race?

Yes! We have a novice class that children may race in. 

(16) What are we doing to keep racing activities safe during COVID

We adhere to CDC and Broome County Health Department guidelines for masking, social distancing and cleaning procedures. We have been deemed "SAFE AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS" by certification from the Broome County Health Department. Before and after each event held at the track, we clean and disinfect using an electrostatic disinfectant gun to provide the best coverage of our pit and track area for your safety.