Point Series Crawler Comp

Point Series Crawler Comp
  • Twice a month, roughly every other week, a new crawler course will be set up for the point series.
  • Drivers will have 3 days, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, during regular store hours, to come in at their convenience to make their runs.
  • Drivers will not be allowed to “practice” the comp course that week.
  • When drivers arrive please ask for Eric (Big E) to judge your runs.
  • If multiple drivers arrive on the same day they will be judged first come first served.
  • Drivers can run 1 truck per class but may run as many classes as they like.
  • Bring all of your rigs with you on the day you want to run.
  • Drivers can add or drop a class at any time.
  • Modifications can be made to rigs throughout the series but the rig must stay legal for the class.
  • Drivers will run a total of 8 different courses through out the point series.
  • Drivers will drop their highest score of the 8 runs.
  • If a driver cannot make a week they will score 100pts for each class that week.
  • Awards will be handed out after the series is over.
Unfortunately the 1/18 scale capra, temper gen2 and similar sized rigs are not allowed.
  • Cost is $10 for your first class, $5 for each additional class.
Street: 1/24 and 1/18
  • Defined as a full body (hardbody or Lexan) vehicle that could be purchased as a full size.
  • Straight axles only (no portals)
  • One steering axle (4ws must not be used)
  • C channel chassis rails only, Flat rails are not allowed
  • Tires must be no bigger than 60mm (2.4in) as listed by the manufacturer or measured if not printed on the tire .
  • Tires must not stick out from the fenders more than half the width of the tire.
  • Wheel upgrades are allowed (brass wheels are allowed)
  • NO OTHER BRASS UPGRADES (only wheels are allowed)
  • Brushed motors only
  • Overdrive or underdrive is not allowed
Street Modified: 1/24 and 1/18
  • Defined as a full body or half cab (hardbody or Lexan) vehicle.
  • Portal axles are allowed.
  • One steering axle (4ws must not be used)
  • C channel or flat rails allowed (no buggy style frames)
  • Tires must be no bigger than 64mm (2.5”) as listed by the manufacturer or measured if not printed on the tire.
  • Tires must not stick out beyond the fenders / body. Fenders / body must cover a portion of the tire
  • Wheel upgrades are allowed.
  • All brass upgrades are allowed.
  • Brushed or brushless motors allowed.
  • Overdrive or underdrive is allowed
Open: 1/24 and 1/18
  • Any rig that doesn't fit into either of the above classes
  • Buggy / Cage style chassis with a roof line are allowed
  • Rigs with body panels instead of a traditional body
  • Portal axles are allowed
  • 4ws is allowed
  • No restrictions on wheels, tires or fitment
  • No limit on brass upgrades
  • No motor restrictions
  • Scoring: 1/24 and 1/18
  • Lowest point total wins.
  • In the event of a tie, Time will be the tie breaker.
  • Highest score will be dropped in each class you run.
  • Every driver starts their run with 0 (zero) points.
Points will be added for:
  • Hand of God +10pts
  • Gate Touch +5pts each
  • Boundary/Wall +5pts
  • Winch/Ramp +3pts
  • Reverse +1pt
A generous time limit will be set for each course and if a driver exceeds that time limit they will receive a DNF (Did Not Finish) and what ever points they earned during the run plus 100 points.

Risk of Loss

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