Punisher Series Warranty


The Punisher Series brand believes in providing the highest quality products for the RC market and fully supports all of its products. We will make every effort to solve all warranty issues quickly and in a reasonable and fair manner. Punisher Series believes that, as a brand, we are only as good as our product and our support.

The Punisher Series Lithium battery warranty is limited to original defects in material and workmanship for 30 days from the original date of purchase. Replacement batteries do not begin another 30 days period; i.e. a battery replaced with 15 days of warranty remaining will have 15 days warranty for the replacement battery. This warranty is not transferable. This warranty does not cover collateral, incidental, high cycle count or consequential damage, misuse, abuse, incorrect charging, use for purposes other than those for which the product was designed, any product which has been altered or repaired by unauthorized personnel, or any other inappropriate use of the product. Punisher Series doesn’t express or imply any guarantees relating to cycle counts or battery life. Each Lithium battery is different and will not be compared for warranty purposes to other batteries regardless of brand. It is the customers responsibility to prove that there are defects in material and workmanship. Batteries that are charged in parallel are not covered under warranty.


See our liberal discount policy for operator error issues below:

All series of Punisher batteries: 40% discount off List price (as listed on our website) for operator error issues within one year of purchase date. Operator issues consist of crash damage, over-discharging, over-charging, and other non-manufacturer issues including but not limited to high cycle counts.

Date of original purchase must be verified by a receipt. Second hand purchase receipts will not be accepted. Operator error discounts do not apply to products that have been purchased at clearance prices. For warranty items returned, trade-ups are allowed, but the difference in retail price between the trade-up item and the returned item will be paid by the customer. Punisher Series reserves the right to reject warranty or operator error submissions for valid reasons including, but not limited to intentional product or policy abuse, and any other reasons that indicate the operator was acting in an unethical or unsafe manner.

Release of Liability

Punisher Series, its affiliates, manufacturers, distributors, or retail partners shall not be held liable for any accident, injury to persons, or damage to property resulting from use, misuse, or abuse of any Punisher Series products. In purchasing any Punisher Series products, the user agrees to accept responsibility for all such risk. Please refer to your products specific Warnings and Instructions supplied with Punisher Series products. If you are unsure how to use or handle any of our products, contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.

Risk of Loss

All items purchased from Small Addictions RC are made pursuant to a shipment contract.

This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.

Once a package has been received by the carrier, it is the customers responsibility to contact the shipping carrier for packages not received.

Small Addictions RC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen packages.