Punisher Series



Since 2015 "Punisher Series" LiPo batteries have been a complete hit! 
These packs offer discharge levels that budget racers and bashers demand. 
You'll get the necessary power to get the most out of any RC vehicle; cars, truck or boat.
The "Punisher Series" batteries have been designed to do one thing....Punish The Competition!
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Here's what our customers are saying:


  • Best BANG for the Buck!!! Been running these along side other Brand 5200's, the other brands just cost more...50C keeps the battery cool and no puffing!  -Adam 


  • I have used these batteries and probably the best pack I have ever used these are very nice batteries. -Zavien


  • I ran 2 heats and the main and she never slowed! (Took the A main Mod 4wd buggy win with one of our Punisher Series batteries) -Jason 



  • This is my second one tried one works great lot of power plenty left over with gearing I use. Just a great power source for me raceing dirt oval -Wally