Small Scale Invasion


Here is what you can expect during our First Official Small Scale Invasion Crawler Event at Small Addictions RC in Binghamton, NY on March 25th 2023.

This event is a "Competitive" FUN RUN.
Scores will be kept but there will be no awards for this particular event as it is designed to introduce competitive crawling to drivers in the area and as a way for us to determine class rules and restrictions going forward.  
Many people in the area have never experienced a crawling competition before so this event will be a first for many.
Small Addictions RC will open at 10am Saturday.
Drivers will sign up for the event at the register for our regular practice fee of $5 per driver. Drivers may come later in the day if they prefer.
The Event will end when all drivers have completed their scored comp run.
Drivers will set up their "pits" in our race pit area.  
**All lipo batteries must be charged in a lipo bag.**
There will be a drivers meeting at 10:30 for those drivers who are here.  If you come to the event later in the day, you will still be able to compete.
What to expect......
In the order that you signed in for the event, groups of 10 drivers will be allowed on the course at one time.  Within that group , 1 driver will be on the comp course being scored. The other 9 drivers will be allowed to " play/ practice" on the rest of the crawler table and will rotate onto the comp course as each driver ahead of them finishes their comp run. This will allow for plenty of space for competitors and spectators around the table without being overwhelming.
Once all drivers in that group have completed their comp run, the next group of 10 drivers will be rotated in.
Rules for Rigs....
Rigs must be 18th or 24th scale
(Excludes the 18th scale Capra)
That's it! In the future we will have a break down of classes but for this event we are not, so bring what ya got.
Scoring for the Comp....
All drivers will start at 0 points.
Lowest score wins.
Time is the tie breaker.
A time limit will be set based on the number of drivers. When a driver goes beyond that time limit, they will be awarded a DNF (did not finish) and your run is over.
Points accrued for......
A reverse is defined as any change in direction under power. Once a driver has moved forward the next change of direction (reverse) will be counted.
A gate is defined as 2 cones or posts to drive between. Each cone or post is live until touched. Each will carry the +5 pt penalty.
Hand of God is defined as anytime a driver touches their rig for any reason. Picking the rig up after a rollover , moving the rig past a difficult obstacle , falling off the table would be some examples of HOG.
What to expect.......again,
While your group of drivers is at the crawler course you will be called for your "comp run" by the judge, in the order you have signed up. Present your scorecard to the judge.  Ask any questions you may have. The judge will then start the timer and you will proceed to drive the comp course.  After you have completed your comp run , you may return to the table to " play" on the designated areas until your group has finished. If time permits, you may return to the table after the event and play some more.
All comp results will be posted on our Facebook page after the event so that everyone can see where they fall as compared to the other drivers who "competed".
I look forward to seeing you Saturday.

Big E Crawls.

Risk of Loss

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