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Move Update!

Move Update!

May 14th 2019

We know that everyone is very anxious to hear an update on our move to Binghamton. So, here we go…

The last 9 months have been very difficult on us trying to get this move going. Just getting the power turned on turned into an unforeseen 8-month ordeal. Now that we have all that behind us, we’re continuing to progress forward.

Currently we’re focusing our resources on getting the hobby shop portion of the building up and running. Once we get moved into this new space, we will be actively working on getting the race tracks, party rooms, pits, ect. built.

We still have a lot of work to do and don’t have an estimated move date. The last few months have humbled us in how much time certain things will take. We’ll need to get our inspections completed prior to the move, and something like this can possibly add a month or two hold up.

Once we have our estimated move date, we’ll keep everyone updated through FB with pictures and status updates. We’re still located in the Fingerlakes Mall for the next few months. Don’t worry, we won’t just up and move without notice.

With all of that said, we’re adjusting our store schedule to help us get the Binghamton store ready. Starting May 26th, we will be closed on Sundays and Mondays. This only affects our retail store hours and will not affect our online orders.

The new location is an active “Work Zone,” please keep this in mind and don’t stop in to see how things are going. Visiting is not only is a safety risk, but also keeps contractors from working. We’ll keep everyone updated with progress as we continue to move forward.

“Patience you must have, my young padawan.” Yoda

Thank you all so much!
Chris and Jodi

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